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Made in the USA

Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

One of our mid-level safe lines, the Lincolns are an easy way to get excellent protection and features in an affordable price range. Those features include:

  • 110 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Sleek 5-point handle
  • 24 color options
  • Up to 15 - 3/8” thick locking bars
  • Beautiful upgraded 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Lincoln gun safes also include these accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $3,299
Payments starting as low as $75.05 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

Build your Lincoln


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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 126 customers ratings and reviews

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1 Star Reviews:

Best safe ever
written by Jeffrey K. on July 20, 2020
I love the choices you have for a safe. I choose the Modern Lincoln and I am going to buy a second

Liberty Safe - Lincoln - 50
written by Jerry Collins on May 1, 2020
The quality of the safe is excellent. The distributor of the safe "Pickett Weaponry Service" (Newberry, Florida) was excellent. Delivered, installed and provided instructions on operation of safe two days after purchase of safe.

Great safe
written by Rocky on January 22, 2020
I recommend this safe company and there products

written by dh on November 3, 2019

excellent safe
written by safe owner on March 3, 2019

written by K Guy on November 18, 2018

Love the Bronze color
written by TaylorB on August 14, 2018
My frist safe is a LX35 and to buy it was made easy by Zach at South Florida safes inc.
Im a female and the color was a big deal.The inside of the safe is really beautiful, and the warranty is a plus.
I looked for over a year before buying this safe!

written by na on July 23, 2018

written by Paige on April 23, 2018

Awesome Purchase
written by Amodie on April 20, 2018
This safe is awesome and has plenty of space. Couldn't be any happier with this purchase

written by krijarex on March 18, 2018

Very Happy with Purchase
written by TAC on March 1, 2018
The safe was purchased from Harry Beckwith, gun dealer. The staff was very knowledgable about Liberty Safes. The delivery crew was also great.

Built in America
written by Keith Coleman on February 23, 2018
We are finally getting back to made in America means something again. For Liberty it always has. I am sure they could have been like many other companies and sell their safes from overseas but Liberty did not. For that they get my business. Now that I finally have a Liberty Lincoln 50 they will certainly keep my business. From the delivery men who made putting a 1200 lbs safe in the back room with twist and turns look much easier than it probably was to the quality and overall look of this safe. I had a cheap safe that did its job until I had enough guns to justify a Liberty but I never knew what I was missing. Strong and beautiful just like the country it's made in! Dont be like me and wait, get one and grow into it. Thanks Liberty

Rod Black
written by Black Dawgs' big brother on February 21, 2018
I was able to touch and admire the Liberty products at the Melbourne Gun Show over the last couple of years (which was very helpful). After doing a thorough internet search I chose Liberty. Dollar for dollar the Lincoln L40 met my needs very nicely.

On delivery day I was shocked when this skinny young man jumped out of the truck. I anxiously looked for a "gorilla" to get out with him but no, Skinny man was by himself. To summarize, this gentleman used some good equipment and simple physics to install my safe exactly where I wanted it. He then lag bolted it to my foundation, cleaned up and was gone in well less than an hour. Kudos and a tip for the A1 Safes delivery man.

Great service
written by Keith H on February 6, 2018
The two sales people from South Florida Safes could have not been more helpful.

Happy Wife Happy Life
written by J.B. on January 15, 2018
It was time to replace our safe (it was not not a Liberty) and wife and I started to research. We knew we wanted a Liberty at this time, but we each wanted different models... I was going for the Franklin and wife wanted the Lincoln... needless to say we got the Lincoln and we are both extremely happy with the purchase!

written by Kurt on January 4, 2018

Peace of Mind and a Great Investment!
written by TG RabidBeaver on December 5, 2017
This is the 3rd safe I've purchased, and I must say I've learned a lot since my first purchase. My first safe purchase (not a Liberty Safe) could simply be described as, "Hey look at this great deal on a fire rated safe!" Little did I know & understand, that more often than not, you get what you pay for. That safe had handle issues, which caused the bolts to not throw properly every time the safe was locked. The manufacturer also used particle board (not cabinet grade plywood), with a cheap fabric, over all of their shelves. Which ultimately collapsed under the weight of about 2,000 rounds of 9mm.

My second safe purchase was slightly more informed, in that I bought one from my local firearms shop....again, when it was on sale. The shop I purchased from is notorious in our area for providing poor customer service and being snobs about who buys from them. In other words, if you're not in their shop, spending several thousands of dollars, the service you get is very poor. So I had to do my own research and found what I thought was the right safe for us. And to the credit of that manufacturer, the fit and finish inside that particular safe was pretty good. That safe survived a flood and 3 moves, with very little damage or cause for concern. In short it did it's job. However, had I been directed by a sales person at that time, I probably would have bought a larger safe.

Which brings me to our Liberty Safe. For a few years now, I've seen these safes advertised on my favorite radio & TV shows. I've also seen them on display at several gun shows in the area and always admired the features and appearance of the safes. You can tell that each safe is handcrafted in the USA and that the attention to detail is a primary concern for Liberty. Perhaps the best part of this purchase, was the information and attention I received from the local distributor. Their knowledge of their product line and their ability to point out details that I had often overlooked, made me feel confident in my purchase this time. The primary lesson I had learned was, "figure out how much you can afford, and then buy the biggest safe you can get." Second to that, "find the safe that has all the features you want, and buy the biggest version of that safe." I will simply say this, I wish I had had this conversation prior to buying my 2nd would have saved me from spending money needlessly. To be blunt about it, you simply can not buy a big enough safe. You will FIND things to put into your safe. In fact, right now, I'm eye balling my safe and thinking, "Well, I've got two more pistol slots.....hmmmmmm." My wife has already yelled at me twice for suggesting that we need to fill all the vacant space in the safe!

Pros of the Liberty Safes:

1) Made in the USA. Probably the most important feature in my mind.
2) Lifetime Warranty (always great to have someone stand beside their product)
3) Fit & Finish of the safe itself. From the fabrics used to the substrate materials that the fabric is on, you can feel & see the difference in quality between Liberty and their competitors.
4) All the freebies that came along with the safe. From the door sleeves (which has a TON of pockets, mag pouches, pistol pouches, etc), to the jewelry drawer to the light kit and dehumidifier.....the extras on this purchase were AMAZINGLY AWESOME!
5) Ease of registering my product
6) Delivery and install of the product from my local distributor
7) EM shielded electronic lock (not to sound paranoid, but an EMP blast or UV burst from the sun could wipe out electronics with little to no having this peace of mind is a great plus).

Cons of the Liberty Safes:

1) Price is probably going to be the biggest obstacle for most people. It's very hard to justify spending as much as we did on a safe, when there are other products on the market that will do about 95-99% of what a Liberty safe will do, but for a fraction of the cost. (Refer back to Pros though, not all safe companies are made equally)
2) All the "freebies" that are included, are probably part of the reason these safes are as expensive as they are. A lot of other safe companies don't include a dehumidifier, a light kit, a door sleeve, a jewelry drawer and so on, with their products. Often times these "freebies," if purchased separately, could add up to between $400-600 in additional costs. I would have preferred to select my own freebies, but I'm very happy with the ones I received.
3) As with any safe, the size and weight is always a challenge....I only list this here, because when people buy a safe, they don't really take into account the logistics of installing and/or moving the safe down the road. I will simply say this, before you purchase, make sure you measure the space you want to install your safe twice. Make sure all door openings to that space are wide enough (typical clearances are 29.5"). Make sure there are no obstacles in your way and PLAN the move.


If you're looking to support a company that believes in "Made in the USA" and provides and long lasting, quality product.....look no further than Liberty Safes. You will not be disappointed with your purchase (at least until you outgrow that safe and have to buy another!).

written by LIKETORIDE on November 22, 2017

First Safe / Lincoln 25
written by Kevin - FL on November 18, 2017
First week with "my" new piece of furniture. Luckily Liberty offers enough color and finish options that allowed me to choose one that fit right in with the wife's decor. This safe has a classy appeal. If not for that it would have probably been placed in the garage. To this point I'm extremely pleased with the quality and functional layout of this safe. Who knows, this may just be the first one of an eventual trio.

Great safe!
written by Georgia farmer on November 16, 2017
Great looking and versatile safe.

written by ital8Bklyn2 on November 12, 2017
Best safe on the market, quality and warranty second to none, customizable interior fits all or makes room for it. Proudly have it in my living room and not hidden away in a closet design & color fit right in.

Solid safe.
written by Safe one. on November 12, 2017
The warantee is best for replacement, the safe is solid and seems strong enough to keep my necessities safe. Pun intended.

My secured arsenal
written by Dead eye Amos on October 19, 2017
I I can rest @ ease knowing my choice in safe to secure my arsenal is "Bar None" the best!
Thank you Liberty!

written by Feelsafenow on October 12, 2017

written by Spencer D. on September 19, 2017

I Feel Much More Comfortable Knowing I Have A Liberty Safe
written by JC Superstar on September 17, 2017
Amazing product!!!

written by Make America Safe Again on August 2, 2017
Sales staff very knowledgeable about all products. We chose very quickly because all questions were answered after viewing and informative product details. We kept narrowing until our selection was made. Our most important decision was "MADE IN USA".
Thank You Pickett Weaponry.

written by ag on July 25, 2017
Well made and delivered all that was promised.

First and Last Safe I need with the help of a knowledgeable sale
written by Sold on Liberty on July 9, 2017
Excellent quality and functionality. Will use for the entire family and I bought the wireless monitoring which I really like. Have everything in one 'safe' fire resistant location. Really liked the fire rating of the Lincoln. It cost more than I had budgeted but if I had purchased what I thought I needed it would have been a mistake. Ann pointed out many operational aspects that made the Lincoln the right choice for me. Glad I made the 'bigger' purchase. I only wanted to buy one safe forever, and the Liberty warranty was the right decision.

Great product
written by Sera on July 6, 2017
Great product.

Give me Liberty
written by The Satisfied Southerner on June 25, 2017
Wonderful Selection of products with an exquisite attention to detail, security and aesthetics.

pleasant experience
written by pjnewt on June 24, 2017
very happy with the customer service and the safe i received.

Pedraza Gun Club
written by Eddy Pedraza on June 22, 2017
Simply a work of art.

written by SD on May 25, 2017

Secure With a Liberty Safe
written by TJ Florida on May 8, 2017
The Lincoln model is a perfect choice considering its fire rating and the wealth of accessories that come standard. The color availability can easily match any d├ęcor from a work shop to a living room. You easily get what you pay for in a Liberty Lincoln safe.

written by Chad V. on May 5, 2017

Absoultely love it!
written by Hard to please on April 14, 2017
Considered the Fat Boy but decided this was the best option for the money. We love this safe. Pretty to look at inside and out. No regrets.

Smash Wraps
written by Shane on March 23, 2017
I was overly pleased with the affordability of the Lincoln 25, it's appearance and security is top notch!

written by racerxj8 on March 21, 2017

It was an easy choice.
written by Samuel Ervin on March 18, 2017
When I first was introduced to Liberty Safes by my dealer, I went on line to watch the comparative tests between Liberty Safe's models and some of their competitors products. After that, it was a no-brainer as to the brand to purchase for break in resistance and fire protection of my valuables.

written by R Hood on February 22, 2017

written by James on February 5, 2017

LIberty Licoln 35 Review
written by dixielandt on January 20, 2017
Great safe, delivered on time. Professional and knowledgeable staff and delivery people. It was a pleasure dealing with them.

Stylish and Functional
written by Stoff on January 10, 2017
Love the over style and function of the LX35 we purchased. Great set up for gun storage (rifles/shotguns) that really maximizes the space inside. Lots of flexibility to adjust and configure shelving too. The interior lights are super bright. Great product.

written by GRC on January 9, 2017

Everything you could need!
written by Matt on December 28, 2016
Size does matter!! Or at least that's what they say. I like the flexibility of this safe and it holds everything I need it to while still fitting into my closet. If you can go bigger do it! If not this is the perfect size and has storage capacity needed.

Review of Lincoln 25
written by John from Melrose on December 27, 2016
First, this is my first gun safe and I did considerable research on various safes that was supposedly of the same quality as the Liberty Lincoln. After researching on line I went to several shops that carried the brands I was considering so I could compare with what I had researched on line. When comparing safe to safe to me the Liberty was better constructed used heavier metal and the fit and finish was better, plus it had a lifetime warranty. I now feel better that my guns are secured when I am not home as I live in a rural area.

Perfect Secure Safe
written by More than satisfied on December 22, 2016
Just purchased 12/22/16, So far excellent experience. Will follow up in a few months.

Great Safe
written by Dave on December 4, 2016

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.