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Made in the USA

Franklin Series

A Small Investment in Big Security

An affordable line that offers many of the benefits of our higher tier safes, our Franklin safes feature the following:

  • 110 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 15 - ¼” thick locking bars
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Franklin models also include these accessories:

  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Interior lights
  • Deluxe door panel
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA from U.S. and Global Parts.

PRICE: Starting at $2,899
Payments starting as low as $65.95 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

Build your Franklin


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Franklin Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 135 customers ratings and reviews

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1 Star Reviews:

Liberty Safe is Great
written by Alan on September 1, 2020
No one will ever attempt to break into this safe because Liberty has the finest reputation for security.

I feel secure
written by Dogman1947 on May 9, 2020
I waited a long time to buy this safe. But, now i relax when not home knowing my 'stuff' is safe.

First Gun Safe
written by JL on November 1, 2019
Just got my safe installed yesterday. It appears to have great build quality. I love that every safe is backed with a lifetime warranty. This is going to be a forever safe for me.

written by Elsoc on October 17, 2019

written by william bolanz on April 19, 2019

Liberty safe 20 gun.
written by Sharbug on February 25, 2019
just purchased and so far I really like it. the only problem I see with it , is the plug in wires for humidor and lights the cords are on the bottom and when you remove a riffle the cords get caught. other than that I don't see any problem with it. its great safe. the purchase price was expensive but comparable with other 75 degree fire safe.

Perfect Safe for all Valuables
written by Josh Palmer on January 19, 2019
This safe holds my firearms as well as all our important papers and jewelry. Peace of mind that my kids won't get into the guns and that thieves won't get our valuables is amazing.

Great value and quality
written by Stuart S. on September 7, 2018
I was very satisfied with my safe. It has high quality and looks great, and the price is very reasonable for what you get for the money.

written by goffjs on September 3, 2018

Great Product
written by Big Mike on July 16, 2018
This is the second one I've bought in 4 years and I really like them.

Liberty Franklin Series
written by Darren Whitehead on June 25, 2018
Always wanted one of these, my wife finally talked me into purchasing one after I commented about the ones I had looked at during a local gun show. The safe representatives were very helpful and gave me a fantastic deal. Too good to pass up. They met me at my home and set up was absolutely perfect. I consider my safe a fine addition to my living room space. Placing a fine piece as that into a basement, garage or closet seems a waste to me. I proudly display it to all that visit. Thank you for such an outstanding product!

written by Alex on June 3, 2018
Amazing safe. Excellent quality and very secure. Well worth the money!

Warranty Review
written by Not a right-wing gun nut on May 25, 2018
Safe seems solid. Bought it because of free instilation. Wouldn't have wanted to move a 1045 lbs safe by myself.

Above and beyond
written by JR on May 22, 2018
Quality of the safe and the delivery service was above and beyond my expectations. My safe gives me peace of mind when I am home and away from home.

written by Satisfied Customer on May 4, 2018

Quality AAA+++
written by Brook on May 2, 2018
This safe is unbelievably beautiful, solid as a rock, functional, and a grand addition to my home. It's peace of mind when I leave home. The delivery service was first rate and professional, installed and bolted to the floor in about 45 minutes. I'm beyond happy, I'm estactic.

Holy Grail
written by Ace on April 27, 2018
I like the functionality of the adjustable shelves and the ability to setup for long rifles or short rifles Overall it feels solid and has good construction. It's a great piece of mind knowing my personal belongings are safe.

written by Dave on February 10, 2018

Excellent Choice
written by Sarge on January 17, 2018
There are many safes on the market but the quality and the fact it is made in the USA sold us.

Great Gun Safe
written by Jack on December 21, 2017
This safe was a great value for this product but the dealer was the most influential - very friendly service - very friendly staff and very knowledgeable. The delivery team is part of store and not outsourced. LOVE that this safe is made in USA - cost a little more than others but well worth it.

Love this safe, wouldn't change a thing!
written by Sands on December 17, 2017
Love this safe, wouldn't change a thing, except perhaps to purchase another one!

Top of the line
written by Richard Feagle on October 5, 2017
Great safe , top of the line in quality , appearance and warranty !

Just got it!
written by Julie on October 2, 2017
Just got it but so far so good

Great Bang For Your Buck!!!
written by 1000 AR's on September 26, 2017
I dont know what it is about this safe but hearing all those solid locking bolts slam shut every time I turn the lever, makes me feel that overwhelming sence of security, I know I'll be sleeping well tonight :'D

written by DANIEL Leavy on September 13, 2017
Non at this time. Talked to alot of ppl about this safe. The customer service that liberty offers and made in the usa made me buy this safe.

Good but could be great
written by Rudy on August 29, 2017
I purchased a franklin 25 in white marble. Overall im happy with my purchase. The paint job on the safe leaves alot to be desired though. There are several small specks on the front door that have no coverage. Little disappointing spending so much & not getting perfection.

written by RyanLee on August 26, 2017
Awesome, so glad I went with this safe. What a relief to know things can be secured.

written by Shane anderson on August 21, 2017

written by hawk on August 8, 2017
i like my safe very much when we got it i thought it was not big enough but as we filled it we were very happy with the room it had

Great safe!
written by Wayne on July 18, 2017
This is all the safe I will ever need.

written by RedAbe on June 30, 2017
I like the design of the safe and the fact that its made in America.

Qualities of a Safe
written by Breezy on June 29, 2017
It is hard to write a review, it was just installed. But we have a very small safe and I know this one will meet out needs

Great Safe
written by Ray on May 13, 2017
Safe is easy on the eyes, built very well, and designed well. Interior has plenty of room, and the safe is very SAFE. I do not think you will break into our safes from Liberty. i

written by DO'C on May 9, 2017

written by Stogieman on May 2, 2017

peace of mind
written by Val on April 2, 2017
this safe makes it so I do not have to worry about unauthorized people getting my guns and other valuables and I do not have to worry about important papers getting stolen or burned in a fire.

Beautiful Safe
written by Kbesch on February 15, 2017
This safe exceeds my expectations! I consider this a serious purchase not just to protect guns and valuables, but a heirloom I can pass down to my children. It's another fine piece of furniture. I did a lot of shopping around, watching videos and reading specs. I firmly believe I bought one of the best safes on the market!

Beautiful product, superb construction,
written by Bridgeboss on February 12, 2017
After researching safes for 6 months, I settled on Liberty. Built in USA, great reviews. I looked at Liberty safes two separate gun shows, before deciding on the Franklin. It accomidates a variety of guns, built in 110v outlet for watch winders, lighting and dehumitifier. Great door storage, and easy shelf configure to meet my needs.

Mr. Bob
written by Mr. Bob on February 6, 2017
I like the quality of my new Liberty Franklin safe and it looks great.

Liberty Franklin
written by Flats Fisherman on January 31, 2017
I received my Liberty Franklin today. I was very impressed with the delivery person, as I was with the local retailer I purchased the unit from. I really like this safe because of the 11ga exterior, the 16 1.25" door bolts on all four sides of the doors. The marble white finish makes it look gorgeous, even though I have it tucked away in a closet. The Franklin, with its flexible interior, will work great for me as I have a combination of handguns, long guns, and other items that I will keep in the safe. I am not an avid gun collector, but I really liked the flexibility of the interior so if I obtain more I have the ability to flex the interior to accommodate my needs.

LIberty Safe ( 5 years in the works)
written by Jeff in Sebring on January 9, 2017
I've been researching for about 5 years on the type of safe I wanted to purchase. Of all the different ones looked at Liberty Safe always came out on top. The reputation, quality, the on line demonstrations (videos), life time warranty, and knowledgeable sales people convinced me Liberty Safe was the safe for me. The only real issue was which model. After careful discussion with the sales person (Mina), I settled on the Franklin model FR25. Looking forward to using this excellent safe to store my firearms and other valuables.

written by C & R Firearms on December 23, 2016

written by The Lutz's on December 21, 2016
Am very satisfied with the available information on all Liberty Safes, their quality, functions and features. Timely manner from ordering to delivery. Delivery people were very cautious and careful not to damage any personal property. Set-up man was very thorough in set-up operations and warranty information. Would recommend Liberty Safes to everyone, just can't beat how satisfied we are. Thank You - The Lutz's.

Safe and a Very nice piece of Furniture Too
written by Chris Rodgers on December 20, 2016
The safe gives me piece of mind for important paperwork and documents, and also for mu ammunition and small firearms. I was looking for something that was functional, but was also a piece of furniture. Th Gloss paint job and Gold detailing pin stripping makes this safe a very nice piece of furniture for my office.

So I have security, an nice piece of furniture for my office, and piece of mind that all our important things are safe in the safe!

written by Frank Forty on November 19, 2016
5 stars. Well built and solid. Convenient to use. Peace of mind.

Security and piece of mind!
written by Safe in Florida on October 21, 2016
We just purchased our 2nd Liberty safe - other one got somewhat overcrowded, LOL.
We can't say enough about how pleased we were with our purchase, no sales pressure, just honest and professional folks!
We love the integrity of Liberty safes, the piece of mind and security it gives us, the world today is changing and you need to protect yourselves!
The color we chose fits well where our safes are located, it's not the "elephant" in the room.
Impressed that the delivery truck was unmarked - not to give anyone any idea of what was being delivered.
Cannot say enough how professional our delivery went, how they took the time to ensure no damage to our safe and our home. Couldn't be happier!
We are impressed with Liberty Safe and how it is built, the bolting on the door, the body construction, the heat seal and its reputation and warranty is next to none!
Proud it's built in America!!! And yes, we took the extra step of having both our safes bolted to the floor - we live in a hurricane prone area.

written by Silence Dogood on October 3, 2016

Retired Military
written by United States Army, SGM (R) on September 14, 2016
Great safe, sound quality, value per dollar. Shopped around for a year, always came back to Liberty.

written by Brian on September 5, 2016

written by William on September 1, 2016

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.